Software Development

For our clients who are looking for an offsite team of developers to build an online or a desktop product, we offer multitude of services including Web development, iOS and Android application development, Logo designing, CRM tools and SEO solutions. Some of our clients come to us with a detailed Business Requirement and some come to us with just an idea. We take care of all of your website needs ranging from registering your domain name, designing/developing your website, maintaining the website with constant content and security updates and redesigning your existing website.

Web Design and Coding

We design and develop striking, interactive and cost effective software solutions based on your needs to make your business distinct from the rest. We consult with you to understand your taste and needs, and design your website consequently. It doesn't matter if you have documented every requirement yourselves or just have a basic concept on your mind. Our team of designers will work with you and help you get the website of your dreams, a reality without burning a hole in your pockets.

We utilize trailblazing coding standards to ensure your website stands out from your competition, loads fast, and is responsive across all platforms and browsers oblivious to the screen resolution of the device. Though planning and developing a responsive site is a bit time consuming compared to the legacy design, this would make the site easy to access on all platforms giving you an edge over your competition. We ensure our coding compatibility with mobile and tablet devices, and optimize your website for search engine results.

We are aware that Web design requires the right balance of sound marketing strategy, compelling graphics, and easy-to-use content management tools. At MDM, we develop each website with an understanding of how to motivate the visitor, using your organization's marketing goals as the catalyst for action. Our team of designers, developers and analysts are very much au fait with new web technologies that emerge and also has experience working with major brands in the US spreading across multiple domains including Public Media, Travel, Retail/e-commerce, Logistics, Healthcare etc.

From conception through designing and content integration, every website is built with focus on driving the user experience for the benefit of our clients. After completing a series of Quality Checks and getting the final go from you, your brand new website would go live.

Our Technology Stack Includes

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CakePHP
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • jquery
  • Backbone.js
  • Node.js
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap
  • Arduino
  • Rasberry Pi
  • Adobe CS
  • Basecamp
  • Github
  • SendGrid
  • Stripe
  • Mailchimp
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Coda
  • VIM
  • Emacs
  • JS Fiddle
  • Stackoverflow
  • Spotify
  • Rackspace
  • Photoshop
  • Sitecore
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress

Mobile/Tablet Apps Development

iOS and Android apps have taken the corporate world by storm to a new level. In addition to a website, companies are now wanting a mobile app to target the 18-35 year-old age group. To see ROI from the Mobile app, it must be designed with a proper strategy that is perfectly aligned with your business. We can partner with you and learn about your business needs, your short term and long term strategies and your business goals to develop the mobile application that will contribute significantly to your business.

Website Redesign

New technologies are introduced so often in the Web industry making it hard to keep your website up to date with the latest trends. The site you have would have been the liveliest of the whole lot a year ago but would be considered outdated today. When you are busy expanding your business by adapting to the new market trends, drawing up a new business plan to exceed your customer's expectation, our team of developers can revamp your website and help you stay on the cutting edge on the web as well.

Because web design is a constantly-changing industry, the best web design companies are those who keep their clients' sites up to date with the latest technology. Even the coolest designs are bound to feel outdated within a few years, and with modern consumers who are used to constant updates and innovation, it's important for the best website design company to stay on the cutting edge.

Be it completely redo the entire site with new content or using the existing site's content to create a responsive site which makes your site accessible across all mobile, desktop and tablets, we are ready to work with you and help you get a jumpstart over your competition.

Content Management and Database Administration

Your website needs fresh content to go up frequently to keep it interesting, and also help improve the SEO ratings. As a business owner or an entrepreneur you may not have the time or a dedicated web developer onsite to update your website with fresh content and take down outdated and extraneous content from you site. We offer complete content management solutions for your site to keep it loaded with fresh content everyday for a fraction of the cost you would incur if you were to hire a dedicated developer to do the work for you. We offer content management packages based on the frequency of updates you would need. Contact us today to find out more

If you have a relational database that needs to be tamed, we can help. We can function as your database administrator and merge duplicate accounts, generate order reports, run queries for the information you would require on a daily basis and provide a comprehensive report to help you know which product is doing well and which of your marketing strategy worked better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An operative SEO campaign requires a lot of planning that aligns with your long term strategies that bring together keyword analysis, fresh/relevant content and proper web development practices to increase traffic to your website. The SEO specialists at MDM keep track of the search engine strategies that are constantly evolving and accordingly keep tweaking your site for improving your presence and positioning on the Search Engines for the select key words that are of high significance.

Asset Management Solution

With tens of thousands of assets in a Non-Profit organisation, it's really a great challenge for any NGO to keep track of all the assets of the organisation/agency. Our state of the art assets management system, works both in the intranet and the internet environment, giving flexible access options to the users of the system.

Our comprehensive assets management system involves not only collections of complete data of the asset, but also includes the photo and video of the asset and records more historic records of the assets as the PO number through which the asset was procured, date of hand over to the employee and other technical details. In addition to maintenance of the history of the asset itself, our solution also maintains the list of people who used it and the dates the asset was transferred from one another.

This solution can be extremely helpful when connected to the security at the gate where all the incoming and outgoing assets can be verified through barcode scan or RFID scans. Our centralized assets management system enables you to create unlimited number of users to input data into the system and offer a wide range of reports which will enable you to keep track of all your assets status in one single screen.

The digital documentation part of the assets management system allows you to scan and upload all the physical documents you handle during assets purchase, transfer and donation or auctioning of assets. This is a must to have features as these physical documents may contain official seal and signatures. This feature adds more credibility to the system as we do not need to move papers every now and then to transfer assets, all the history of the assets will be available in digital format. The reporting and management feature inside the assets management systems gives you detailed view of all the assets by assets type, assets condition, assets possession and many other features by NGOs up to the grass root level. Interested in deploying a comprehensive assets management solution ?